(WHDH)– CNN anchor and Massachusetts native John Berman thanked healthcare professionals in Boston after his marathon run took a scary detour.

“I remember around mile 24, I started feeling fatigue. Not overwhelmed but I was doing the math in my head and I could run much much more slowly,” he explained on his show.

Berman said thinking that was the last thing he remembers.

“The next thing I remembered is waking up in the emergency room with maybe 12 or 15 people around me doing all kinds of things to me,” he said.

Berman said he was told that he managed to get himself to the medical station at mile 25 where he was put on an ambulance to Beth Israel Hospital

“In the ER, my body temperature was around 104, my blood pressure wicked low and my heart rate very very fast,” he said.

His blood tests showed he had rhabdomyolysis.

“It basically means you have dead muscle tissue which decays into your system and can be a huge problem for your kidneys but, once they spotted it there was really no risk. I just needed to be on an IV until the levels went far enough,” he explained.

After three nights in the hospital, he was finally released.

“It goes without saying that I am only here because of the amazing people at Beth Isreal Hospital,” he said.

Despite the frightening ordeal, the anchor said he wants the focus to be on the team that was raising money for.

“Team Beans is what is important here. Not me and my stupid missing mile,” he said.

Berman is expected to make a full recovery.

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