Commuter rail running after Fitchburg derailment

FITCHBURG, Mass. (WHDH) — A commuter rail train heading through Fitchburg went off the tracks around 8 p.m. Tuesday during the snowstorm.

Crews were able to clear the derailed train off the tracks overnight, and everything was up and running for commuters Wednesday morning.

Authorities said the crash was caused by slippery conditions when the train was unable to stop as it slid into the last station.

Investigators blame the icy, snowy conditions. The train was going slow and braking; it was even hitting a device meant to stop a runaway train but it kept sliding.

About 40 people were on that train, but no serious injuries were reported. The passenger cars didn’t leave the tracks.

“The weather conditions, yeah. I think that contributed to the train going off the track. Thank God no one was hurt. That's probably the most important thing,” said Jeff Morse, commuter.

“People try to do their best and maintain everybody's safety because it is a heavy machinery. You know, I don't know. It's rough. Rough,” said Chris Silva, commuter.

There was a second incident involving a commuter train Tuesday night in Cohasset; a train on the Greenbush Line hit a car. The driver of the car says that she got stuck on the crossing as the train approached.

This the train was also going very slowly, but it did hit with enough force to spin the car. The woman inside the car was not hurt.

The MBTA and MBCR are still investigating but there were no delays affecting the commuter rail in relation to either of these incidents.