DA: Nearly 100 weapons found at home of man accused of hate crime

LEXINGTON, MA (WHDH) - A Lexington man accused of racially harassing his neighbors will now face additional charges after the Middlesex County District Attorney said nearly 100 weapounds were found in his house.

During the raid of Robert Ivarson’s home, officials said they found 83 firearms, including rifles, shot guns and pistols, and 10,000 rounds of ammo. The DA said Ivarson was not licensed to carry any of the weapons.

Also taken from Ivarson’s home was a helmet with a swastika on it.

Robert Ivarson was in court Tuesday, where he was charged after neighbors said he racially harassed them for a year. Ivarson’s neighbors are black and believe Ivarson targeted them because they are the only black family on the street.

Ivarson allegedly threw between 30 and 40 banana peels in his neighbors’ driveway and slashed their car tires. Police said they set up security cameras to catch Ivarson and said they caught him in the act after viewing the footage.

Ivarson lives in the home with his parents. His parents are cooperating with the investigation and are not believed to be involved in any of the events.

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