Dad accused of shooting son following argument over food

ATKINSON, N.H. (AP) — Police say a New Hampshire man accused of shooting his son had been arguing with him about a lack of food in the house.

Albert LaMonica, of Atkinson, is charged with domestic violence, reckless conduct and first-degree assault in connection with wounding 45-year-old Christopher LaMonica.

Albert LaMonica told police the two were in the kitchen Friday. The son said his father was eating all the food. The 71-year-old LaMonica responded his son had been cooking too much food and he was frustrated about it.

He told his son to move out; his son started yelling and slapped him in the face when he reached for the phone. He said a younger son stepped in to break things up, but his brother threw him across the room.

Albert LaMonica said his older son came toward him, and he shot him.

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