Dog reported stolen in 2017 reunited with owner

A Doberman and his owner have been reunited after more than a-year-and-a-half apart.

Providence police confirm that Bary the Doberman was stolen in May of 2017 when his owner, Sunte Souvannasap’s younger brother was mugged while taking him for a walk.

“I was mad that someone stole my dog and it wasn’t just lost,” Souvannasap said. “Because that means I couldn’t just find it.”

But that did not discourage him from scouring social media sites and Craigslist regularly.

That is when Souvannasap said he found a dog for sale on Craigslist in New Bedford that matched the description of the pointy-eared pincher.

“He had certain markings on his paw, and his tail is bald,” Souvannasap said. “As soon as he saw us he was excited and started licking us.”

He said that he had no doubt the dog was his.

Souvannasap said that the woman who listed Bary did not know the man who sold him to her.

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