‘Everything is on the line’: Congressman Kennedy makes his bid for the job of U.S. senator

7’s Adam Williams recently sat down with Bay State Congressman Joe Kennedy III and asked him to explain why he wants the job of U.S. Senator from Massachusetts.

“I’ve thrown my hat in the ring for a very difficult Senate race,” said Kennedy III. “My sole focus is going out to try to make the case to every single person across this commonwealth that will listen to me.”

He spoke one-on-one with 7NEWS, explaining why he wants to unseat Senator Ed Markey, a politician who has served Massachusetts on Capitol Hill since 1976.

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“I respect the senator for the contribution that he’s made to our country.  But I do think there’s some differences in our record.  From his support of a crime bill back in 1994 to his vote for an Iraq War. There’s also the issue about how we actually define the job of being a United States Senator,” said Kennedy.

His record of service, Kennedy says, speaks for itself.

“Everything is on the line– the causes I’ve dedicated my life to, for being a Peace Corps volunteer, or working in Boston Housing courts trying to keep people in their homes in these communities- from civil rights to economic justice to health care equity,” he said. “I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can, and I think I could do a better job.”

Kennedy raised his national profile two years ago when he delivered the Democratic response to President Trump’s State of the Union speech.

Even though he says he doesn’t agree with the president on much — Kennedy says he is proud of the bi-partisan work he has accomplished on Capitol Hill.

“I’ve gotten more, or as many bills passed out of a Trump administration as I did out of a Barack Obama Administration,” he said.

His family name is synonymous with politics.

“I’m extremely proud of the contribution that my family and family members have made to this country, and it’s something I would never shy away from,” said Kennedy.

His father Joe, was a congressman from Brighton.

Kennedy’s grandfather, Bobby and great uncles – Ted and John all ran for president.  John F. Kennedy was elected to the Oval Office as the nation’s 35th president.

“Are you going to run for president someday? Because you Google ‘Joe Kennedy III’ and it says ‘president,’ but given where we are and where you want to go, is it an option?” asked Williams.

“No, nothing at the moment is an option other than September 1st. And I’ve had the honor of serving the people of the 4th district of  Massachusetts now for the past 7 plus years. And I’ll continue to make the case as to what I think I can bring in this moment and I think I’ve got something to offer,” said Kennedy.

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