Ex-wife describes man accused of shooting son as nonviolent

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — The ex-wife of the New Hampshire man who officials say shot his 9-year-old son to death before taking his own life during a supervised visit at a YWCA office describes him as a kind-hearted person who loved his son.

Ellen Savyon Vig says her former husband, 54-year-old Muni Savyon, was a non-violent person who tried to give his son varied experiences and help anyone he could. She said he was a software engineer who was especially close to his brother. She says they divorced in 1997 and remained friends.

She says Savyon was born in Israel and was a naturalized citizen who lived in several Western states before coming to New England. She describes him as being active in Libertarian causes. He twice lost as a candidate for the New Hampshire Legislature, most recently in February.

Rep. Peter King easily beat Savyon in a special election for the state House. On his Twitter account, he asked to keep the Savyon family in prayers as they cope with the "unimaginable."