Cookout turns chaotic after apparent propane tank explosion causes Quincy house fire

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - A good Samaritan sprang into action after a family cookout quickly turned chaotic as a fire spread to a home in Quincy.

Gianna Parsons says she ran into the home on Hanna Street and helped her neighbors rescue their two dogs after a propane tank on a grill apparently exploded, sending flames through the structure.

“I couldn’t see and it was like really hard to breathe and so I got out of there after three minutes and the whole house, actually like the propane tank I think blew up, and the whole side of the house got a lot worse,” she recalled.

Quincy Deputy Fire Chief Tim Burchill added that the propane tank appeared to have exploded.

“The whole rear of the house went up and we did have an explosion, so I believe the propane tank did explode in the process,” he said.

Firefighters battling the hot flames also had to deal with the extreme heat.

“We had three sent to the hospital; heat exposure problems,” he said. “We’re hearing that they’re all doing fine now; recuperating.”

The homeowners and their dogs were able to get out safely.

“It does suck to lose a house, but they’re gonna get a lot of help. A lot of people are here for them,” Parsons said.

The American Red Cross says four adults and a number of children were forced out of that home.

Two other homes were also damaged in the fire.

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