Fashionably Late

High temps in Boston have been in the 50s for the last four days in a row, which is very atypical for this time of year.  It’s not shocking when December temperatures are in the 30s, but it is shocking when temps are in the 30s after being in the 50s for so many days!  We’re going to feel the changes this week.  Winter has arrived… fashionably late.  The question is, how long will it stick around this time??

We did get a little bit of rain this morning, but precip amounts were not impressive whatsoever.  Most areas didn’t even pick up 0.05″… which is what Boston needed to tie for the #10 spot on the “Top 10 Wettest Decembers” list.  Looking at the rest of the week, it doesn’t look like we’re going to make that list.  We came so close to making history!  Still, it’s been a very wet month – and mostly rain (rather than rain and snow) – amounting to 6.56″ in Boston.

Highs will be closer to normal tomorrow; in the mid to upper 30s, with a few places topping out near 40F.  This is our “gradual” cool-down.  We’re getting a little practice before the really cold air drops in.  The rest of the work-week features bright sunshine, but highs will stay around the freezing mark.  Bundle up for New Year’s Eve!  Temps at midnight will be close to 20 degrees!

The next best chance for a storm in our area isn’t until next weekend.  However, there’s some debate (even in the weather center) of what that will actually look like.  It is, as Chris Lambert pointed out, “still 6 days away.”  I think our temps will be mild with this storm… again.  In my opinion, it looks like a very similar song and dance to what we have seen before:  Possible snow early (mainly west of 495), and then ALL RAIN.  Some forecast models are still taking highs for the weekend up near 60 degrees, while other models keep highs near 40.  Nevertheless, I just don’t think this will be our “snowman building” opportunity… but snow lovers will hope I eat my words come Saturday!

Have a great weekend eating up those leftovers!  – Bri