This was the best debate of the campaign–it moved very quickly, touched a lot of topics–and made the choice between the candidates the clearest it's ever been.

At this point in a race, the individual topics merge, to paint a picture of the candidates. Tonight, both told voters why they deserve their support.

"I think the people of Massachusetts have a clear idea of what I've done in the service," Gabriel Gomez said. "They know I've been a pilot and Seal- they know I've been in one of the most elite teams in the Navy, and they know i've worked for great companies in the private sector and they know my record."

"This is really a question of who's side you're on," Congressman Ed Markey said, "who you gonna fight, what are you gonna stand up for? And I think my record is very clear."

Gabriel Gomez saved his best for last.

He was aggressive, not angry, pointed and prepared.

Markey seemed locked in repeat mode, and ready to run out the clock.

Gabriel Gomez was the winner. If he had debated and campaigned this way all along, this race would be a lot closer.

Gabriel Gomez may not win this campaign , but–tonight–he made himself a factor in future races in Massachusetts.

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