I remember two years ago—the winter of 2011/2012– and my “meh” attitude on the first day of spring. That winter was cupcake….no snow and temps that rivaled a winter you would find in Maryland, #Warm. So by the time we got to the first day of spring that year, it wasn’t much of an accomplishment but this year the trumpets will sound loud & often.

Officially spring arrives at 12:57 this afternoon. When the top,middle and bottom of the Earth receive equal amounts of daylight and also when the northern hemisphere is halfway to summer. Our first day of spring will do just that–act like spring with afternoon temps in the mid/upper 50s. There are still quite a few clouds right now (8am-ish) but those clouds will break apart later this morning & set us up for a fair amount of sunshine this afternoon.

The next few days will be very spring-like for New England. Changeable as we see ups/downs in the temps right through the upcoming weekend. We’ll have more sunshine tomorrow but the numbers will be cooler with afternoon highs in the mid 40s. On Saturday (after some morning clouds/showers) will see the numbers climb back into the upper 50s only to have the high temps back down to near 40 on Sunday. All in all, both weekend days offer dry weather for spring skiing, spring cleaning or outdoor hoops action.

Enjoy your first day of spring!