UNDATED (NBC) — You can buy almost anything on the online classified website Craigslist.

You can purchase a car, a pet, furniture, and if you're to believe a recent ad posted in the South Coast Massachusetts section, a baby.

According to the listing, a couple posted an ad saying, "We want to sell our baby to a good home."

The man who posted the ad claims he has blonde hair and blue eyes and says his girlfriend is eight weeks into her pregnancy. The couple said it would field offers for their unborn child from prospective buyers.

According to attorney Stephen Linder it is illegal to sell a child as an object.

Linder said in Rhode Island, this type of behavior is a felony punishable by up to three years in prison. A search of the Massachusetts General Laws outlines a similar penalty.

"If it's clear they're trying to sell this child, the state can go in and get a court order giving them possession of the child immediately when it's born," he said.

Some Rhode Island residents were shocked when they learned of the ad.

"That's sick. I wouldn't do it personally because I can understand giving it away to the family who needs it, but I wouldn't do it for the money," said Lorindan Sylvia of Providence.

"The way I feel about it, like, if you made them, they didn't ask to be born here. Take care of your responsibility," said parent John Blinkhorn.

"Leave it at the fire station, police station, hospital, DCYF building, there's one on every corner," said parent Crystal Frates.

NBC 10 alerted the Massachusetts District Attorney's office about the online post.

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