From battlefield to football field

A top priority for anyone who plays a contact sport is to reduce the risk of concussions.

A new piece of technology has been designed to help reduce the possibility or severity of head injuries.

The lime green padding that goes inside the helmet is called concussion reduction technology, or CRT, and was designed by Unequal Technologies.

Unequal Technologies is a company that first designed military-grade safety gear.

"CRT helps reduce the possibility of head injury and severity," Rob Vito, of Unequal Technologies explains.

According to Vito, there's no guarantee that the added padding will prevent a concussion.

However, Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison was quickly fond of it after being one of the first professional athletes to use it.

"I had no headaches after game. I haven't had any issues since I've been wearing it. Knock on wood," Harrison said. "That's not to say nothing's going to happen, though. Nothing is 100 percent."

Barrett Naugle, a 15-year-old football and lacrosse player at Greensburg Central Catholic, has experienced concussions before.

"It was painful. You can't even look at bright lights or loud noises. Everything hurts," Naugle said. "With Unequal, you get hit and you don't feel anything. It's like nothing is there."