How big?

Big enough to bump the President of television so the republicans who want his job could be on. All the heat from the Texas fires may not be hotter than the birth lights that will shine on Texas Governor Rick Perry on Wednesday.

This is the first debate for the new republican frontrunner.

So what must he do? Make a good first impression on viewers who don’t know him. And what must he not do: Be scary! Conservative is fine, right wing nut won’t be.

Wednesday night, Mitt Romney — the former frontrunner — must assert himself.

How to do it? Cowboy up! Directly challenge Perry, the cowboy from Texas.

Above all, Romney must not try to float like a butterfly. If he does, he could be stepped on.

For Michelle Bachmann, Wednesday night is a chance to get back into the race, before she falls out of it.

Her do? Show her stuff as she has in past debates. And don’t be OTT — Over the Top — because that could put her under.

And there’s Jon Huntsman, who’s already barely hanging on.

Wednesday, he should give us a clue why he’s in the race and what he stands for.

Don’t disappear! One more invisible debate and the Huntsman Campaign could evaporate.

Given the stakes, and given the timing, there will be a winner on Wednesday and a loser, and maybe more than one of each.

How will it turn out?

Tune in at 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. on Wednesday and Any Hiller will help you decide.

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