Healthcast: Playground safety

Summer season is known as trauma season in emergency rooms.

Kids are often rushed in with injuries suffered while playing on monkey bars and swings.

According to experts, there are ways to decrease the chances of getting hurt at the park.

Monkey bars and other climbing equipment cause more injuries to kids than anything else on the playground.

“So often we have our children come from a fall with a broken clavicle or a broken arm because they just are so slippery and dangerous,” said Jennifer Hoekstra, of Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.

Kids will eventually fall, so experts said playgrounds that have soft material under them such as wood chips, sand or mulch are safest.

“Take a scope of that playground before you let your children play,” Hoekstra said. “Look for any broken or damaged equipment because those rough edges or rusty slide stairs could cause a serious injury to your children.”

Children also find swinging a fun way to cool off, but experts warn to make sure another swinger does not hit them.

“Be sure your children learn the safe passage-way around the swing set,” she said. “Walk them through that. Know that there needs to be a safe distance to pass in front or behind a person on the swings.”

These are easy tips to help kids stay safe while they do what they do best in the summer: have fun.