Intense fire destroys house in Lynn

LYNN, MA (WHDH) - A massive fire tore through a sober home in Lynn early Wednesday morning.

The Lynn Fire Department responded to a call of a fire at a three-story residential building on Chestnut Street at around 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Firefighters said the fire began on a third-floor balcony when someone improperly disposed of a cigarette. The flames were so intense, the house’s roof collapsed, destroying almost everything inside.

The house served as a sober home for eight adults. Everyone managed to get out safely without injury.

Mike Walsh, who lives on the second floor of the building, said he woke up to a crackling sound in the ceiling. He said the house’s smoke alarn went off right after that. Walsh ran out of the building and the one thing he managed to save were his daughter’s Christmas gifts.

Walsh said he is very thankful he saved the gifts and that his neighbors are safe.

“It’s upsetting but it could be worse and other people have it worse than that,” said Walsh.

Firefighters initially entered the building to evacuate everyone inside, but soon had to exit the building themselves because flames had spread into the walls.

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