Knee-Jerk Temperatures

Arctic front charged through New England today. Squalls, gusty winds, falling temperatures – it was a classic all around. Now the cold, heavy air settles in, and temperatures are taken deep into the cellar. (See right.)

What’s amazing about his weekend is the turnaround I’m expecting. Once the temperatures start climbing out of the single digits tomorrow, they don’t really stop until Sunday evening. OK, maybe a little dip around sunset tomorrow evening, but you get the idea.

What’s happening? Well, same thing that’s been going on all winter. It cools down, then it warms up just as a storm moves in.

Speaking of, the heaviest rain will crawl across the Commonwealth through the day Sunday. Timing is everything, I know. At this point (italicized because it’s likely to change), the heaviest rain looks like it will wait until later in the evening Sunday. If the storm speeds up just a hair – which is entirely within the realm of possibilities – we’re in the heavy rain by 6pm folks. Not something anyone’s rooting for.

Long range, something’s afoot. I see the pattern switching up just a bit, favoring a steady hand of cold air across the Great Lakes and Northeast. For snow lovers, this is just what the doctor ordered for a snowy setup. But will the storms come? I see a weak one on Wednesday, then the potential for a more sizeable system next weekend. Time will tell whether I’m chasing ghosts or something real.

Have a great weekend and….