Las Vegas airport resumes flights after deadly shooting

LAS VEGAS (WHDH/AP) — Some flights have resumed at the Las Vegas airport after all planes were temporarily grounded due to the deadly shooting on the Strip.

McCarran International Airport said limited flight activity had resumed early Monday.

Passengers who were already in the air as they traveled from Las Vegas to Boston said they learned of the shooting by watching the in-flight televisions. Those on the next flight out made it through the chaos to board.

“There was people everywhere, running back and forth, people helping them, hiding behind cop cars, crying and screaming. It was really crazy,” said Nick Leblanc, who was on a later flight returning to Logan. “All the roads were blocked off so we were actually driving down the wrong side of the road for the most of it.”

The Las Vegas airport is right next to the scene of the shooting. Planes were grounded as emergency responders rushed in.

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