Law enforcement on high alert in Mass. on Inauguration Day

BOSTON (WHDH) - Officials in Massachusetts say they aren’t aware of any specific threats of violence directed toward government buildings in the area, but that they are taking precautions as President-elect Joe Biden is sworn into office Wednesday.

Law enforcement set up metal fencing and barricades around the State House and the Mass. National Guard is prepared to support local police in case of any violence.

“We’re here at the order of the Governor to support the Massachusetts State Police and the Boston Police, and to protect our neighbors,” Mass. National Guard Lt. Col. Bryan Pillai said. “And we’re all from here, within the Commonwealth.”

The added security comes after a violent mob stormed the United States Capitol building on Jan. 6 while Congress worked toward confirming Biden’s presidential election win.

Those who live in the Boston area are hoping that Inauguration Day stays peaceful.

“I just hope that people just are peaceful,” Colleen Lucksinger said. “Violence is not any way that’s gonna bring this country together.”

Shona McMorin added, “People are gonna be people and they have the right to express themselves, but in a peaceful manner.”

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