I’m running for Congress in the 9th Congressional District because our representative in Washington has stopped listening.  He supports legislation that is hurting an already fragile economy and puts people at risk.  We need leaders with real world experience in Washington, who understand how to create jobs, stimulate the economy and listen to the constituents of the 9th district. We keep hearing that the economy is getting better but I haven’t met anyone who says they are better off now than they were five years ago. Our government has done nothing to give small businesses any reason to take a chance to grow, or to hire more workers. Instead they have enacted two terrible pieces of legislation that have been killing the economy.  These two bills are Dodd-Frank and (ACA) or Obama Care. These two pieces of legislation have fostered uncertainty and discouraged business growth.


According to a recent Forbes Magazine article, Dodd Frank imposes huge new regulatory costs which send a message to the financial industry “Don’t take Risks”.  There is less investment capital available today for small business growth. Forbes says “This piece of legislation is a bigger ticking time bomb than Obama Care. “ With Obama Care we are finding out something new almost every day, and what we are learning isn’t good. You can’t keep your health plan or your doctor, and the web site still doesn’t work.  Washington wants us to trust them in their ability to fix it.  Meanwhile a study by the Pioneer Institute says small businesses in Massachusetts, already paying the highest health care costs in America, could see them rise by more than ninety percent under Obamacare. And seniors are facing a potential crisis as Medicare payments to our seniors will be cut by as much as $14 billion. But it is too easy to simply criticize and hope the anger of people will turn into votes. As this website evolves I will present my ideas and solutions to the problems we face. We must get people back to work and that will be my number one priority. Our health care system can be fixed by enacting free market reforms that would give tax credits to individuals, allow health care plans to be sold across state lines, and allow people to keep their plans even if they change jobs or have pre-existing conditions. I want to fix the problems that Washington has created.  We can help grow the economy through tax reform and by eliminating the over regulation that has hampered business growth. We need a sound energy policy that will make us less dependent on foreign energy. Also to make sure we have money available for environmental issues in the 9th district such as beach replenishment, wildlife conservation, and the fishing industry. It’s a terrible thing to see so many Americans discouraged as they wonder if our country will ever recover from the wrong turn we have taken.  We can recover and will recover because the people won’t allow us to fail.  We need leaders in Congress with business experience who are committed to solving problems, and who will listen to the will of the people. It starts here in the 9th Congressional District and with your support we can work together to restore the American Dream. 

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