Neighbors rescue elderly man from house fire in Saugus

SAUGUS, MASS. (WHDH) - An elderly man was rescued by neighbors as his home went up in flames in Saugus.

As a fire raged through the house, those who live on Midland Avenue immediately thought of a man they call, Mr. Anderson, who lives in the house.

Neighbors say the man had trouble getting around, so when they saw the flames, they knew they had to help.

“I knew there was an elderly man in there, and I was able to knock the door in,” said Larry Applegate, one of the rescuers.

Applegate had to force the door open because the man inside, who they say is in his 80s, had been over by smoke and fallen at the foot of the door.

Even though the elderly gentleman was close to the door, the smoke and raging fire made it difficult to pull him to safety.

Firefighters said there’s not a question; those who ran into the burning home saved his life.

The men who ran into the home brush off the term “hero.”

They’re just thankful Mr. Anderson is alive.

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