Mass. State Police trooper rescues boy who fell through ice in Fall River

A Fall River teen is lucky to be alive after falling through ice in a canal on Friday afternoon.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Kyle Duarte said the boy went onto the ice to retrieve his soccer ball.

However, the ice was too thin and the boy fell through the ice. 

Duarte was sent to the scene and ran to the boy’s friends. 

"They were holding on to his arms. The water was up to his neck. They were holding him. They were keeping him afloat so he would not sink to the bottom," Duarte said. 

Duarte and the boys pulled the 15-year-old up from the freezing water. 

"We picked him up over the wall, got him on to the ground. We were able to take his clothes off and wrapped him in a blanket," Duarte said. 

The boy was taken to St. Ann’s Hospital and is expected to be ok.

"He is definitely very lucky that his friends were there on scene keeping him a float because if they weren’t who knows what would have happened," Duarte said.

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