Our theme of Cooler Coast looks like it’s going to continue for much of the week with perhaps Tuesday being a day where inland & coastal temps are close to one another. Tuesday will also be our next chance of rain, a few morning showers.

Marathon Monday. Thankfully, it’s nothing like last year (rain, wind, temps in the 40s) and while it does look warm, it’s not 2012 warm when temps reached the upper 80s. What I do see is something like this unfolding through the day:

* Sunshine for much of the day
* Dry air…..no humidity at all.
* Temps in Hopkinton are near 45 early in the morning then rising quickly through the 50s to around 60 by 11am.
* Temps do turn warm about the time most runners hit Wellesley–reaching the upper 60s/low 70s but again, no humidity. Bright sunshine
* When you hit Boston, a sea breeze should be there….temps for the elite (12pm) will be in the low-mid 60s, then by 3-4pm the temps should get knocked back into the low & mid 50s thanks to that sea breeze.
* Wind is a non-factor until you encounter that sea breeze… once you do, plan on a head wind around 5-12mph.
* Volunteers and spectators make sure you have the sunscreen on–even though we’re talking temps in the 50s & 60s, that sun can be sneaky strong this time of year. Grab a hat too.

Other events around the region….Stow Minutemen march from Stow up to Concord to commemorate Patriots’ Day will feature sunshine & mild temps—50s & 60s (they actually leave Stow around 4:30am!!–temps near 40 at that time). Of course, the 11am Red Sox game is also tradition on Patriots’ Day. Looks sunny with temps in the low to mid 60s before the sea breeze shows up late in the game. Great day for outdoor activities in southern New England.

Tuesday we do see some showers at the start of the day but they should bounce out of town by noon and a few peeks of sun are possible throughout the afternoon. After that, more sunshine is on tap for midweek thanks to High Pressure but that High will be located in a position to keep coastal locations cooler than inland locales.

Enjoy your week!



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