BRIGHTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Lisa Brown, 49, appeared in court Monday to face charges of attempted murder when she tried to burn down her apartment building with her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend inside.

Brown was charged with two counts of attempted murder. Investigators said she locked the young couple inside her apartment after she started a fire.

“The defendant then alleged that she planned to burn this house down and hoped to never see her daughter again," said Sheila Lawn, assistant district attorney.

The couple told investigators they smelled smoke and tried to get out of their bedroom, but Brown blocked the door holding a knife in her hand. Then prosecutors say brown used a deadbolt to trap the couple inside that bedroom.

About a dozen family members came to support Brown in court, they cried as they heard the allegations against her.

“At that time the bedroom began to fill with smoke as the flames began to come under the door into the bedroom,” said Lawn.

The fire broke out around 4:30 Sunday morning. Prosecutors said the flames followed a fight between Brown and her daughter.

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