New Week, New Pattern..Sort Of

At 7:20 this morning it was sunny & a temp of 50 at my house—-already way ahead of last week’s weather with so much in front of us! We finally saw last weeks dreary, rainy, raw pattern break down last evening and a new pattern is in store this week. Sort of. It’s actually similar to a pattern we saw in mid April—-a dry stretch of weather thanks to a northwesterly flow of air from Canada. Thankfully, now that we approach mid May, a northwesterly flow isn’t cold…not hot but not cold either. So….plan on sunshine for much of the week with daytime highs heading for the upper 60s tomorrow and the low to mid 70s on Wednesday & Thursday. High Pressure is closer to us tomorrow & beyond so less wind but also means coastal locations will be a few degrees cooler than inland (low 60s versus low 70s). Also of note…….some chilly temps briefly tomorrow morning with many cities & towns outside of Rt 128 dipping into the low & mid 30s…..take care of delicate flowers as needed. The rest of the week is free of any early morning frost. Our next chance of rain isn’t until late Friday afternoon-evening.

Enjoy—after last week, you most def deserve it!