It’s one of my favorite lines from the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall:”  Paul Rudd’s character is a ditzy surf instructor and before he heads out to hit the waves, he tries to sing the lyrics to “Let it Snow.”  However, instead of singing the real lyrics: “Oh, the weather outside is frightful,” he sings, “The weather outside is weather.”  Yup.  Nailed it.  It is weather… and not frightful… not even a little bit.

Mild once again today with highs in the low 50s.  A cold front will move through tomorrow, bringing along with it a few light showers but we’re not expecting much out of this.  Forecast amounts are up to a tenth of an inch for early Sunday.  The showers will end around midday and despite the cold air moving in, I still think we’ll hit close to 50 for one more day.  It’s going to take a bit for the cold air to really settle in.

The cold will make itself right at home come Monday.  Highs will be closer to normal to kick-off the work-week.  I tweeted out the forecast last night with the caption, “It’s going to get HOW cold?!” and someone responded with, “How shocking cold in Boston in December.”  Wah, wah.  Well, normally cold wouldn’t be shocking in Boston in December… but after how mild it’s been, I think most of us will be shocked!  Tuesday through Friday we are stuck below freezing.  Brrrrr.  All of this is fairly good news in my book though, because I got my husband a coat and boots for Christmas!

It looks most likely, that after tomorrow’s light rain, we’ll stay dry through Friday.  There is a storm that passes to our south on Tuesday, which could clip us with a little bit of snow south of the Mass. Turnpike – but this is just a slight chance.  It’s more likely that we’ll have to wait until next year (next weekend) to see any more rain.  Yes, I said “rain.”  I think temps will rise again with this next storm.  Sorry, snow lovers.

Happy last weekend of 2014!!  – Bri

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