Patriots locker room relaxed ahead of big first playoff match

If the Patriots are feeling tight, they’re not exactly showing it. It was a very relaxed locker room as the team got set for its 16th home playoff game in the Belichick era.

As New England hopes its calm demeanor translates into a loud statement on the field come Saturday night.

It’s the biggest game of the season for the Patriots and Ravens but with all they’ve been through over the years – neither team is nervous at this stage.

“This stage? What does that mean? What stage is that? Like twilight years?” Tom Brady joked.

This isn’t the first rodeo for Bill Belichick, who was even relaxed enough to crack a joke when asked if the Ravens use “cut-blocks” in their rushing attack.

“Is the pope catholic?” Belichick said.

Darrelle Revis was even bringing the laughs when he described his multi-sport background.

“I did play basketball but I didn’t grow to be 6’8,” Revis said.

Vince Wilfork said he couldn’t care less about the cold, up to a certain point, that is.

“I’ll tell you what, when it gets close to the end of the game, I’m ready to get inside. I won’t lie about that,” he said.