SOUTH BOSTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Police handed out free whistles and met with concerned neighbors in South Boston after the brutal murder of Amy Lord.

“It’s scary, I mean it’s sad. I mean for the first day I didn't leave my house I was scared. She was our age so it’s like really scary,” said Stephanie Perrelli South Boston resident.

“She was our age just like us, the same places we go so we’re just being very vigilant. It's a little disruptive though it’s terrifying,” said Nicole Niss South Boston resident.

Top public safety officials that included Congressman Stephen Lynch, gathered together in a closed door meeting at city hall to discuss safety in Southie.

“There’s a lot fear in the community right now and I think there are things we can all be doing better in terms of communicating, both using social media, the police are out there with extra patrols,” Congressman Stephen Lynch said.

“Our plea has been for all our neighbors, new and old go out make sure to make contact, eye contact. Touch, speak, go out. I was out with my 30-year-olds walking around letting people know that we do care about you whether you moved in 2 weeks ago or you’ve been here for 2 decades,” said Bill Linehan Boston City Councillor.

Neighbors hope they feel safe again soon.

“It’s terrible that this happened but its good we're being more aware and getting on our A-game to make sure we’re always safe, because you just never know,” Niss said.

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