Police: Leominster man attacked school bus with broomstick and machete

LEOMINSTER, Mass. (WHDH) — A Leominster man was arrested after police said he attacked a school bus with a broomstick and machete because it had stopped near his home to pick up students.

Police said Ricardo Morales, 44, grew angry and approached the bus because it was parked in his driveway, waiting for students to get on board.

Police said Morales raised the broomstick and machete, threatening to hit the students, but instead struck the bus. They said he hit the bus on the driver’s side window, on the hood and passenger compartment.

Witnesses were able to identify the weapon-wielding suspect, informing police that he lived in the basement of the residence. Police said he was also charged last December in a home invasion where he allegedly pointed a gun at a 5-year-old.

Morales was arraigned Wednesday on a charge of assault with a dangerous weapon. He was ordered held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing on Oct. 5.