Hiller Instinct: Dos and Don’ts for final Presidential Debate

What do you get when you take two candidates who hate each other, and put them in front of millions of people who hate one of them?

You get tonight’s debate, which may be truly historic, because it’s possible we’ll never see anything like it again.

Both Clinton and Trump have dos and a don’t.

Tonight Hillary Clinton should try to inspire us, because if there’s one thing that’s been lost in this campaign, it’s inspiration.

Your campaign theme is *Stronger Together*. Tell us how that happens if you’re elected.

And ignore him! You know Trump will say and do anything to provoke you.

Refuse to play his game.

If this is Trump’s last round-up, then it’s his last chance to turn it all around.

How can he do that?


Voters respond to apologies, and know when they’re sincere, and Trump has a lot to apologize for.

Make yourself great, Donald. Be big! Forget the faces. Focus on where you want to take America and how you’ll get us there.

Clinton and Trump may never be together anywhere again.

Neither wants to be remembered for a giant mistake.

So here’s what they have to avoid.

Trump must be very careful not to incite–or appear to encourage–any kind of voter violence if he loses.

In fact, he should say that.

Clinton has opened up a significant lead in the polls, and seems headed to the Oval Office.

She cannot gloat.

Because that would just add another ugly layer to this race.

Las Vegas is the perfect place for this debate.

It’s a city built on sin and corruption.

But what happens in Las Vegas tonight won’t stay there.

Because the whole world will be watching.

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