A bizarre prank call left a Minnesota Burger King with smashed windows and an evacuated restaurant Friday night.

The prank call happened at a Coon Rapids Burger King, which is now back in business after the restaurant’s own employees smashed all of their windows due to an elaborate hoax.

Police said employees received a call from someone claiming to be a fireman, who said the restaurant had dangerous levels of gas in the building and that they needed to break all of the windows to keep the building from blowing up.

The terrified workers began smashing all of the windows, but soon found out it was all a prank.

"The fire department is never going to call you on the phone and instruct you to do something like this,” Captain Tom Hawley of the Coon Rapids Fire Department said. “We’re going to show up with a fire truck and a police car if there is a problem. And we also do not monitor anything going on inside those buildings. That’s the job of private security companies."

Prank calls to fast food chains aren’t anything new. The same exact type of prank call also happened at a Burger King in Oklahoma Saturday night, and others happened earlier this year in California and Arizona.

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