Ready or Not…

With a little bit of snow yesterday and last night for some spots – some of us were still getting a taste of true winter weather.  The 0.5" of snowfall accumulation recorded for BOS yesterday brings us up to a whopping 25.9" of snowfall for this season (so-far).  Worcester is sitting at 31.7" for the season.  If you’re thinking, "Hmmm… Those numbers sure seem low!" then you would be correct.  Average seasonal snowfall for Boston is ~44", and for Worcester it’s around 64".  What’s really incredible is putting our current snowfall totals up next to the snowfall totals from this day last year:  BOS had already seen 105.7", and Worcester had seen 115.6"!!  AND WE WERE NOT DONE COUNTING!!!  But the big question is, "Are we done counting for this season???"

I wish I could tell you that with complete certainty, but I will say this:  Last Sunday I wrote in my weather blog that "if we don’t see flakes in the next 7-10 days, then it will be really hard to get any flakes past March 10th."  The early spring-time warm-up is moving in THIS WEEK, whether you’re ready for it… or not.  *** Side note:  Rob Eicher’s most recent weather blog is REALLY interesting about climate change and the early arrival of spring. In my book, it’s a "must read" so check it out (

Now, back to the forecast:  Overnight tonight we stay under mostly cloudy skies, but this will keep our temperatures from free-falling.  Still, it’s a cold night ahead, with temps in the low to mid 20s.  Tomorrow we can expect more warmth than today (highs didn’t make it out of the low to mid 30s this afternoon)!  Highs on Sunday will be very close to "normal" for this time of year, if you’ve ever wondered what "normal" feels like.  After a very slight chance of a spot flurry or sprinkle in the overnight/early morning hours, clouds will clear for afternoon Sunday sunshine and highs will top out in the low to mid 40s.  Then we climb the temperature-ladder heading into the work-week:  Monday, it’s into the 50s.  Tuesday, it’s into the 60s.  Wednesday, it’s into the 70s!!  WHAT?!  Yup.  It could happen – though not very likely for the coastline as well as Cape Cod and the islands to climb that high.  Now’s the time of year we have to start factoring in the "sea breeze," which will keep temps from climbing as high in coastal locations.

The Vernal Equinox (spring) is still 14 full days away… but it will really start to feel like it this week.  Enjoy!  – Breezy