Pretty decent Monday with a good supply of sun and a warm breeze – despite the fact that it turned onshore at a point this afternoon. These days, the sea breeze "ain't what it used to be" in early summer. Nowadays the temperature drop back is more like a small slump.

Oddly, the onshore wind also brings in the humidity. Tomorrow is a prime example of that. Southeast winds will be blowing to the tune of 15-25 mph, carrying with them moisture-laden air to feed the downpours. 

Check them out on the graphic to the right. Intense? Yes. Scattered? Yes. And all headed our way. 

Timeline brings the heavy rain our way by early afternoon. Some downpours may arrive in Central Mass. as early as the late morning. Thankfully, they also slow down by the evening drive, so it looks like both commutes will be manageable at least.

Closer inspection of the weather maps for tomorrow reveals some interesting clues as to what's driving the heavy rain. A core of high winds will be blowing in the middle atmosphere bringing with them the possibility of peak winds near 40mph and also heightening the risk for thunderstorms. With the high winds in the middle atmosphere, these storms may become severe – or in the very least produce flash flooding. Keep an eye open for quickly rising waters when these downpours/storms move through. 

After the Tuesday deluge, the pattern relaxes a little and the humidity drops a bit. Passing storm or two Wednesday with the pick of the week set for Thursday.

Days are getting shorter…and, well…'nuff said.


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