A Red Sox fan was struck in the stands at Fenway Park on Wednesday by a part of a broken bat. 

This comes after officials at the ballpark put new safety measures in place for fans. 

Part of the bat flew over some of the newly-installed netting. 

"I remember there were some kids to my left and my right," Dylan Santos, who was hit by the bat, said. "And one of the parents in the row in front of me actually dove on top of his daughter to the left of me a little bit. And then I saw the thing coming right at my chest so I was like ‘there’s no hiding from this,
I’m not going to be able to dive away."

Santos said he was sitting in an area near the new nets that are supposed to offer fans increased protection but the bat got past. 

"Once I saw it come my way and I saw it clear the netting I could tell it was coming right at me," he said. "Went to try to catch it in my gut almost like a football player would and it kind of ricocheted off my thumb and landed right in front of me." 

Santos tweeted, "Just got hit by a flying bat at the Sox game. All good though! MLB took the bat but get to go on the field after the game." 

Santos also showed off the ball he got in exchange for the bat and though the 24-year-old’s hand was sore and swelling a bit, he added "Going to take more than that to get a die-hard Sox fan to leave the game!"

Santos knew about the serious injury Tonya Carpenter suffered from a flying bat that in part prompted the Sox and Major League Baseball to add more protective netting. 

He said he does not think his bat encounter means they need to add a lot more. 

"I’m a huge Red Sox fan," he said. "I’m a huge Fenway fan. And I know the players talk about it all the time… they almost feel the fans are on top of the field and that’s something you can’t get anywhere else so I hate that they would have to change that some way."

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