Don’t tell me you were surprised to see snow and sleet flying (bouncing) around today. Not only did we have it in the forecast (you’re forgiven if  you didn’t see it), but it’s still spring and we’re coming off the winter that wouldn’t end.

Translated: never let your guard down.

Batch of snow heading through now will quickly transition to all rain except across northernmost Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, where pockets of cold will hang on until well after midnight. Once this pulse is finished, we’ll loiter in the mist, fog and drizzle (everyone together now: oh boy!). 

A warm front is stuck to our south and the moist Atlantic air is flowing in from the cold ocean. Paints a picture, doesn’t it? It translates to cold, raw weather right into Friday morning. However, Friday afternoon we’ll see a turnaround as the winds of change blow in a milder airmass.

I was once sold on the idea of the warm front swinging through with little fanfare and the clouds breaking for a pleasant afternoon, but I’m not now. Call it loss of inspiration or simply coming to my senses, but I’m stunting the warmup and keeping it in the 50s. Still a better day than tomorrow…but not as stellar as the weekend – or next week.

That’s when it all comes together. Retreating cold, milder northwest – then southwest – winds, and alas the April sun. A standalone feature who’s potential we really have yet to tap. Wait no more. The time is coming to get our toes wet with summer air. And you’re gonna love it….and probably let your guard down. No shame in that game.


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