TYNGSBORO, MASS. (WHDH) - A group of thieves smashed through a window at a motorcycle dealership, grabbing bikes, and then taking off.

Surveillance video shows the five thieves using a crowbar to break the window of Indian Motorcycles of North Boston around 4 a.m. Sunday before running in, grabbing two bikes and hoisting them out.

“They came in, smash, grab and go, you know, like they’re grabbing a quarter pounder with cheese, like there’s nothing to it,” said general manager Russ Katzenberger.

Katzenberger said they were in and out in a couple minutes, but did not end up getting away with much merchandise.

‘Either ran out of time or got spooked because the alarm started going off. They only managed to get two bikes, they threw the other on the ground and left,” he said.

The noise from the alarm woke Judy Connor who lives nearby.

“I heard a crash of glass, and then I heard another one, and that’s when I jumped up, got the phone, and called 911 and told them… I could hear voices down there,” she said.

Police say they got to the scene minutes later, but the thieves were already gone.

“Our officers got the call, were dispatched, and arrived within two minutes of that call,” said Sargeant Robert Cote. “Within that time frame, within about three minutes, two motorcycles had been stolen and the perpetrators had fled the scene.”

Katzenberger said the thieves clearly knew what they were doing.

“I watched one run into the back showroom. He knew where the light switch was, so there was a good chance they had been here before,” he said.

He said they did not grab the keys so they will have a hard time selling the bikes and he is hopeful they will not get away with it.

“These guys are on a mission to get as many dirt bikes for free as they can, so eventually they’re gonna get caught,” he said.

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