Solve It 7: Grandfather Clock Repair

Pamela Harris knows a good tune when she hears one.

So in January 2015 when her prized grandfather clock’s tune suddenly changed, she knew there was a problem.

“We were winding it,” she says, “because it had to be wound every day and we heard a clunk sound and we know that we had to have it fixed.”

Pam’s father-in-law carved the clock by hand and gave it to the newlywed couple as a wedding gift when they tied the knot 25 years ago.

Which is why she was eager to get the tick-tock troubles fixed!

So she reached out to a clock shop in Leominster

He said ‘I’ll have to take out the innards and bring it home to my shop’,” Pam recalls.

But she says the person who was working on the clock had a solution.. he could replace the entire inside unit of the clock – but it would cost more money.

Pam agreed, but then time started ticking away.

Seven months later, the repairman brought the clock back; along with a hefty bill!

$800!  That was $500 more than the original estimate!

Wanting her clock back, Pam paid the bill.

However, she says the repaired clock only worked for two weeks… then the timepiece troubles started all over again.

Pam’s nine-month-long broken clock conundrum had her ticked off.

She says the clock shop refused to give her back her money.

So she was stuck with no cash and a broken clock!

“I needed help!” she admits.

That’s when she reached out to Solve It 7.

We chimed in and talked to the person who’d tried to fix the clock in order to try and get Pam her money back.

“I hadn’t heard from him for two months.. all of the sudden he calls me up and says ‘I have your check’!!” she laughs.

They struck a deal: Pam agreed to let the repair person keep one hundred and fifty dollars and he gave her back the rest – which she used to finally get her clock fixed.

“Incredible,” she says. “Incredible. I’m going to tell all my friends. It’s a dream come true.”

So are you having a hard time solving your problem? Don’t let it drive you cuckoo.

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