Solve It 7: Quincy car insurance

QUINCY, MASS. (WHDH) - After retiring recently, Rick Kielczwelski decided he wanted to spend his free time reconnecting with family.

“Well, I like to go to my son’s house, he lives in Hanson, I go to my brother’s house he leaves in Bedford,” Rick said.

To make those trips, he wanted to get a new vehicle, so he traded in his old car for a brand-new SUV.

“It’s got all kinds of goodies in this baby. I mean it’s loaded,” said Rick.

Little did he know, the car came with an extra surprise. When the dealership went to cancel the policies on the car he traded in, they found out Rick was owed about a thousand dollars!

“I was very excited,” Rick said.

It turns out when Rick bought his old car, which he purchased used, he paid for extra insurance that would cover him for the next 70,000 miles. But when he traded that car in, he had only driven it 52,000 miles. So, Rick called to get his money back.

Rick said, “when I went to them and I asked them about it, it was just a big hassle. I would call them they would say okay, wait a little while longer. It got to the point where I would call them, and they wouldn’t answer.”

He decided to go to the dealership in person and thought he was finally getting somewhere.

Rick said, “I went home and sent him all the information he wanted, within a month I had called him and said what’s up?”

“I went through this a couple of times, and then I said you know what, this is frustrating! They owe me that money, I paid them that money,” he said.

Feeling like he was spinning his wheels, Rick called Solve It 7!

We contacted Rick’s previous dealership directly.

“Within 8 days I received the check for 931 dollars,” he said.

No more refund runaround, “I was like, ecstatic, I was like Solve It 7 baby,” Rick said.

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