STOW, MASS. (WHDH) - Stow police have launched an investigation into reports of a “very large boom” and a “huge explosion” that shook the town on Wednesday night.

“There was a very large explosion overhead. It shook the whole the barn,” said Katherine Tracey, who was looking after a sick horse at Pony Pals Riding Academy. “It was wild and crazy. There was one very large boom. The barn shook and that was kind of the end of it.”

Sue Mennencke, who is in town visiting her daughter from Chicago, likened the sound to an atomic bomb.

“I was preparing to get into bed and there was a huge explosion. We looked out the windows and we couldn’t see any bright lights. We couldn’t see anything that may have caused it in the near vicinity,” Mennencke explained. “It sounded almost like an atomic bomb of some sort…Seriously, it was that loud.”

Members of the Stowe Police Department checked all sectors of the town as well as the fire academy and did not observe anything out of the ordinary, officials said.

Police have also spoken to the surrounding towns that have similar complaints.

Officials at the nearby Fort Devens confirmed that no military drills were being conducted at the time.

The American Meteor Society also noted that no activity was recorded in the area.

An investigation remains ongoing.

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