STURBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) - An unusual attempt to get rid of a hornet’s nest in Sturbridge set the side of a house on fire.

Dave Schmida took it upon himself to free his family’s home of a hornet’s nest that was nestled underneath their roof. But things did not go as planned when he shot a Roman candle at the hive.

His aim was right on target but, those fireworks set the nest on fire and those flames spread to the home.

Schmida said he ran up to the top floor with a fire extinguisher to try and put out the fire.

He said there was some minor damage to the house.

In the wake of the ordeal, Schmida said he has some advice to pass on to his fellow novice exterminators.

“Raid is very flammable if you are going to light a bee’s nest on fire, don’t use Raid first,” he said. “And, don’t do it on a house! Or in general, I guess.”

Schmida said his parents were not thrilled about the fire but the hornets are gone for good.

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