Suspects arrested in David Ortiz shooting jailed for a year while they await trial

The nine people arrested in connection with the shooting of David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic last weekend will spend at least a year behind bars while they await trial, a judge ruled Friday.

At the same court proceedings, the man who allegedly admitted to shooting the Red Sox legend, Rolfi Ferreira-Cruz, 25, claimed he was only told the clothing color of his target and didn’t mean to shoot Ortiz.

Prior to the appearance, Ferreira-Cruz admitted to reporters that he pulled the trigger but claimed he mistook Ortiz for someone else.

“I was told the clothing color, nothing else,” Ferreira-Cruz said. “I didn’t see him.”

But prosecutors say Ferreira-Cruz admitted to targeting Ortiz and only changed his story because he feared retribution from Big Papi’s fans behind bars.

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Police led the suspects involved in the incident through a courthouse Friday night for the second time in as many days. The suspects were wearing military helmets and bullet-proof vests when they faced the judge.

The court announced that all nine suspects will spend a year in prison while they await trial.

A surveillance recording from the Santo Domingo bar Sunday night shows the gunman approaching Ortiz and shooting him at nearly point-blank range.

The director of the National Police says someone offered the suspects $8,000 to perform the hit.

A motive is still unclear.

Ferreira-Cruz, of Reading, Pennsylvania, is also facing armed robbery charges in New Jersey.

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