I guess after a day of temps in the 70s that on #TBT we see a throwback of sorts to October weather. That’s OK as sunshine, light winds and afternoon temps in the upper 50s will do just fine. A cool front charged through here last evening putting an end to any hope of sustained warmth here in New England and now we focus on yet another powerhouse coastal storm for the weekend.

Before that though, the next two days offer seasonal weather with a mix of sun & clouds today and mostly cloudy skies for Halloween. Temps today are in the upper 50s and on Friday they reach the low 50s (due to more clouds). No tricks tomorrow night as skies are cloudy with temps in the upper 40s (a few pockets of drizzle are possible along the coast but nothing heavy or long-lasting).

OK..onto this weekend storm. It is another powerhouse storm but unlike last week, this one will be a little farther offshore. We still have clouds all day Saturday but a more easterly track means just lighter rains on Saturday. A chilly rain though with temps actually falling through the 40s during the day. Most towns pick up less than .5″ of rain (might be a bit more on Cape Cod). Wind is likely to be the biggest impact from this storm as coastal towns see winds intensify on Saturday afternoon-evening, gusting from the northeast 20-30mph. On Sunday, those  gusts could reach 50mph on the Cape/Islands. Elsewhere, wind gusts will range from 25-40 mph. It’s a cold wind as temps crawl into the low 40s for afternoon highs! The only saving grace is sunshine develops during the morning & sticks with us throughout the day.

Side note…..this is the third straight week with a strong coastal storm…..this may be our winter pattern setting up…indeed a good sign for snow lovers & those that make their living on shoveling/plowing the snow. Something to keep an eye on during November.


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