Tip leads to new investigation in Wisconsin cold case

PARIS, Wisc. (WHDH) — A cold case in Wisconsin has been reopened after detectives received a new tip about a baby’s body that was found underneath a bridge.

The baby boy was found inside a plastic bag back in November 1989. Medical tests showed the baby was born alive and his death was ruled a homicide. Police said they kept running into dead ends on the case, so the unidentified baby was named “Baby John Doe” and buried.

In 2014, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department put all of its cold cases online. The following year, police received a tip about Baby John Doe and who may have left him under the bridge. Detective Neil Paulsen, who was assigned to the case two years ago, said he believes the tip is credible.

“It’s emotional if you think about the circumstances of this case,” said Paulsen. “This baby was left for dead.”

The tip has led to a person of interest, who still lives in the area. Baby John Doe’s body will be exhumed later this week for DNA testing.

“DNA plays a fact in cold cases. DNA wasn’t available back then. It’s now available,” said Paulsen. “It’s going to play a major role in this investigation.”

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