Ukrainian man changes name to iPhone

KIEV, UKRAINE (AP) —  Twenty-year-old Ukrainian Sim iPhone cant get used to having to respond to his new, unusual name.

He changed it a few weeks ago when one of the electronics shops in Kiev announced a special offer to its customers.

To promote the first sales of Apple products the shop promised to give new iPhones to those who were brave enough to change their name to iPhone seven.

Sim learned about this special offer from his friend.

“The next day I prepared all documents, provided them to the office, got registered and the day after I had a passport in my hands with a new name,” said Sim after receiving his new iPhone at the shop.

The new price of the iPhone starts ate 850 dollars in Ukraine, but to change the name on a passport costs less than two dollars and takes just a few days.

Sim’s friends and family members supported the idea after being surprised at first.

“We thought he was joking, but later we accept this and support him,” said Sim’s sister Tetyana.

The manager of the shop said they had not expected so many people to respond to the offer.


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