United Airlines is unveiling it’s new flex-schedule program this week and the airline is hoping this will be a solution to the problem of flights getting overbooked.

United will now send emails in advance to passengers asking if they’re willing to get bumped. If a passenger agrees to change an itinerary, that person will receive a voucher of up to $250.00. The airline will then be able to sell the open seat.

The belief is that business travelers, who often book flights at the last minute, will now have more options.

United has received criticism for numerous passenger-related issues.

The most notable incident took place in April, when police dragged a doctor off of an overbooked flight that was heading from Chicago to Louisville. He later reached a settlement with the airline.

Another incident happened just last week.  A mother flying to Logan Airport says her two-year-old was bumped from his seat. She had to hold him on her lap during the flight.


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