PROVO, Utah (WHDH) — A veteran who lost his legs during combat in Afghanistan recently made it to the top of a mountain in Utah thanks to the help of a fellow Marine.

John Nelson and Johnathon Blank formed an unbreakable bond while they served in the special operations unit of the Marine Corps 10 years ago.

During that time, Blank lost his legs when an explosive device went off moments after Nelson had walked away from him.

“I got legs. I got legs…I couldn’t imagine if I…” Nelson trailed off while speaking to KSTU.

Nelson recently used his legs to help Blank to the top of Mount Timpanogos.

He carried Blank, who weighs 135 pounds, on his back for 14.3 miles.

“We shared a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get to where we were, and it was all worth it,” Blank said.

The feat left hiker Phil Casper in awe.

“If that’s what they’re doing for recreation, imagine those guys on the battle field,” he said.

Blank hopes that this hike will inspire people to accomplish anything they set their mind to.

“Not only have I lived through this, but we’re also special operations guys,” he said. “We can do anything. We can maybe instill that mindset into other people.”

The two veterans plan to hike Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in California, on Veteran’s Day.

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