Violent road rage incident caught on video in Fitchburg

FITCHBURG, MASS. (WHDH) - A man was arrested Wednesday after police said he angrily confronted another driver in a road rage attack that was caught on video in Fitchburg.

Michael Bryce, of Leominster, appeared in court Thursday to answer to several charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon. A judge ordered him held on $2,500 bail.

The incident happened on Main Street and Kyle Dooling said he filmed the entire thing on his cellphone. Dooling claims the man, driving a red pickup truck, was trying to run him off the road and he was trying to get a look at his license plate number.

In the video, Dooling said Bryce pulled over and got out of his truck before punching the back window of Dooling’s car, close to where his young daughter was sitting.

“He just went nuts. Just came running up to the car, tried to smash my window. My daughter was in the backseat,” said Dooling.

Bryce could be seen in the video making obscene gestures, spitting and using vulgar language. After he got back in his pickup truck, he allegedly rear-ended Dooling’s car before driving off. Dooling gave the video to police and Bryce was arrested.

Prosecutors said the video was alarming and that making threats in broad daylight was uncalled for. Bryce was ordered to surrender his driver’s license and not to operate a car.

As Bryce walked into the court room, camera were rolling. He was caught yelling, “I’m innocent. The truth will set me free.”

A Fitchburg police captain said they are considering a hearing to have Bryce’s license taken away.


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