WAKEFIELD, MASS. (WHDH) - Parents are expressing their concerns after a man was seen taking pictures of children in Wakefield.

According to police, the man has not committed a crime.

The man was seen taking pictures in parks and day care centers around town.

The man, who would not speak on camera, insisted he is not doing anything wrong.

“I’m a professional artist, I’m an expert at people, all sorts of people, and I have to get reference of children,” he said.

Police said they questioned the man after upset parents complained.

“He wasn’t on private property, he was committing no crime when we talked to him, he volunteered to show us his camera, with no inappropriate pictures on it at that time, we told him, ‘You’re making people nervous,’ he went on his way,” Lt. Scott Reboulet said.

Police said they have talked to the man’s relatives and his employer, but there is nothing they can do.

“It’s concerning any time someone’s doing anything around kids that the parents don’t want, it’s concerning,” Reboulet said. “But taking pictures in public, there’s no crime at this time.”

The man said he understands the concern.

“In the future, when I do children, I will be asking the parents,” the man said. “I can understand the concern, I really can, and I care about that.”

Police are advising parents to be vigilant.

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