Watching the Weather

 As a kid I recall the sports section of the Globe on Tuesdays was light at times…..not much happening in the sports world on Tuesdays. Similar with this blog today as we don’t have much in the way of storminess to blog about. Some clouds hanging in New England but those clouds are leftover from the weekend storm. Our next “storm” is slated for late tomorrow night & early Thursday. It’s a fast mover and passing well south of New England. This means some clouds likely late tomorrow and again on Thursday but little if any precipitation. I do think there will be some patches of light snow/flurries early Thursday morning but nothing more than a coating & even that will be isolated. Temps for the week run seasonal—starting in the 20s & finishing in the mid 30s.

Moving ahead there are signals that our pattern may become more active by the weekend & into next week. The jet stream will carry storms from Iowa to Virginia and then southeast of New England. This pattern/storm track does have the potential to create some plowable snow for New England. As of now the models are not all agreeing on if/when a plowable snow will occur but some are suggesting Saturday evening-night & perhaps middle of next week. For now, I’ll temper the hype and just continue observe/suggest but it’s certainly more of a chance of snow than we’ve seen in recent weeks. Stay tuned.

Enjoy your tacos!