The wife of a man shot and killed in a Dollar Tree store in Brockton in January is demanding justice this week as a search continues for a suspect in the shooting. 

Donna Mansora told 7NEWS her husband, Dongbin Pyon, was a “perfect husband.” 

“He’s gone and I have to deal with that,” she continued. “I don’t know how.”

Mansora said Pyon, 38, was working at the Dollar Tree on Jan. 31 when a disgruntled former employee walked into the store and opened fire. The shooting happened around 2:30 p.m., Mansora said, just a half hour before Pyon was scheduled to end his shift and come home. 

“He felt like a man working there,” Mansora said. “It gave him purpose.”

“He loved his team,” Mansora continued. “He put them together and they loved him.”

Pyon never did return home on Jan. 31. A customer inside the store was also shot and survived. 

Authorities have since identified the alleged gunman as Luis Soto, 32, who they said took off from the scene. 

Officials have not yet found him, though. 

With no resolution, Mansora said she fears her husband will be forgotten. 

Her memory is long, though, and she refuses to let the case go cold. 

“Please find justice for my husband,” she said. “His life has mattered so much.”

7NEWS reached out to the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office this week. Officials responded, saying their investigation into this incident is ongoing.

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